Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fulsome Volume Stock at NYSE - CVS

CVS Caremark Corporation (NYSE:CVS) witnessed volume of 23.92 million shares during last trade however it holds an average trading capacity of 7.58 million shares. CVS last trade opened at $38.84 reached intraday low of $38.73 and went +1.70% up to close at $38.80.
CVS has a market capitalization $52.54 billion and an enterprise value at $60.34 billion. Trailing twelve months price to sales ratio of the stock was 0.52 while price to book ratio in most recent quarter was 1.36. In profitability ratios, net profit margin in past twelve months appeared at 3.42% whereas operating profit margin for the same period at 6.16%.
The company made a return on asset of 6.11% in past twelve months and return on equity of 9.18% for similar period. In the period of trailing 12 months it generated revenue amounted to $98.53 billion gaining $72.40 revenue per share. Its year over year, quarterly growth of revenue was 8.90% holding -7.50% quarterly earnings growth.
According to preceding quarter balance sheet results, the company had $2.17 billion cash in hand making cash per share at 1.60. The total of $9.78 billion debt was there putting a total debt to equity ratio 25.76. Moreover its current ratio according to same quarter results was 1.60 and book value per share was 28.00.
Looking at the trading information, the stock price history displayed that its S&P500 52 Week Change illustrated 22.19% where the stock price exhibited up beat from its 50 day moving average with $36.96 and remained above from its 200 Day Moving Average with $34.36.
CVS holds 1.35 billion outstanding shares with 1.35 billion floating shares where insider possessed 0.26% and institutions kept 85.10%.

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