Saturday, April 30, 2011

No-obligation "Starter Play"

This just is an adverstiment.   A portfolio is a terrible thing to waste.

And yet that's exactly what millions of Americans are doing every day as they flush their money into typical buy-and-hold stock trading. 

Don't get me wrong — you very well could make some money buying regular old top stocks to buy...

Just not over the last few years.

For instance, if you could've invested $5,000 in the S&P 500 on December 31, 2006 — and let it sit there for the next 4 years — you would have ended up with a whopping...


Yup, it's true. You would have actually LOST $750 of your money. 

Pretty sad, right? These are supposed to be the cream of the crop Wall Street has to offer — the blue chip titans that have made Americans rich for decades. 

And yet all they were able to do for you over the last ten years was lose 15% of your hard-earned nest egg.

Well, here's the even sadder part...

If you'd just used a slightly different approach, over the last 4 years you could have taken that same $5,000 and had scores of opportunities to transform it into $12,050, $14,400, $18,100, $19,550 even $21,500 or more...

And not in years, or even months. In some cases we're talking a matter of weeks, or just days...

All thanks to an investment that 9 out of 10 investors don't even have the guts to touch.


Because too many "experts" have told people they're not seasoned enough...

Because the talking heads of CNBC or Fox have labeled it a "fringe" investment...

Because scam artists try to charge thousands to "educate" investors on how to use this simple profit tool...

But this is all a bunch of bull. And I'm writing you today to set the record straight.

You CAN trade options. The truth is, you have just as great a shot at grabbing the options profits that are sitting on the table waiting for you as ANY other investor out there today.

All you need is a small amount of safe, simple, and above all PROVEN guidance.

And that's exactly what I'm writing to offer you today. 

Before the next 10 minutes are up, you'll have the answers to most (if not all) of the pressing questions you might have about options trading...

100% FREE of charge or obligation. 

You'll also have a FREE, no-strings-attached options "starter play" given to you in exact detail right here in this letter.

That "starter play" could easily produce up to a 50% gain within the next 8 weeks — a fantastic start to your options career. 
And this isn't the kind of bait-and-switch tactic I'm sure you're used to seeing...

You'll receive the ticker symbol and all, right within this note, without having to buy a thing.

Above all that, you'll be offered the opportunity to be coached every step of the way on your path to becoming a seasoned options profiteer.

But before you decide anything, let me introduce myself and show you exactly why I know — beyond a shadow of a doubt — that I'm the man to set you off and running on your options trading joyride...

With confidence, clarity, and a wealth of great opportunities ready for the taking.

I'm Ready to Transform You Into an Options Trading Pro...

My name is Ian Cooper. For the better part of the last decade, I've been operating outside of Wall Street's reach, mastering the art of turbo-charged options trading.

When I say "turbo-charged" here's what I mean:
•    Fremont General September 2007 puts - 291% in 16 days
•    Lennar January 2008 puts - 279% in 40 days
•    Pulte January 2008 puts - 224% in 40 days
•    New Century January 2008 puts - 214% in 16 days
•    Centex January 2008 puts - 207% in 40 days
•    Countrywide January 2008 puts - 203% in 69 days
•    Thornburg October 20 2007 puts - 188% in 6 days
•    MGIC Investments December puts - 175% in 80 days
•    Capital One January 2008 puts - 160% in 59 days
•    Accredited Home September 2007 puts - 141% in 4 days
•    Hovnanian November 2007 puts - 136% in 13 days
•    Radian Group August 2007 puts - 122% in 19 days
•    Standard Pacific September 2007 puts - 111% in 2 days
•    Autonation January 2008 puts - 105% in 49 days
•    Coca Cola November 2008 puts – 262% in 39 days
•    JA Solar September 2008 calls – 113% in 7 days
•    Lehman Bros January 2009 puts – 208% in 4 days
•    Financial Select Sector January 2009 puts – 221% in 7 days
•    Dendreon Corporation August 2009 calls - an amazing 338% in just 6 days! 
Now, as a newcomer to the options game, the first part of those bullet points might not mean a whole lot to you — words like "puts" and "calls" might be Greek to you at this point...
Don't worry — you'll know what those terms and more mean, shortly.
For now, just focus on the second half, the part I've bolded for you.
These are the kinds of gains that options traders have been making over the last few years, while the rest of the market went to hell in a hand basket. 
It probably happened to a lot of investors you know...
Their portfolios filled with "safe" buy-and-hold stocks self-destructed, losing them untold amounts of money.
But that "1-out-of-10 investor" I mentioned earlier — who took the leap and started trading options — shrugged off the financial crisis and continued padding their bottom line with triple-digit win after triple-digit win.
I'm not trying to brag here, but every one of those potential gains you see above were plays that I recommended to my readers. 
Those readers were all members of my top-of-the-line trading research service, Options Trading Pit. Now, I'm not going to sugarcoat this next part...
If you're new to options, then you're NOT ready to join that service yet.
I'm not trying to be harsh, but I'd hate to see people get in way over their heads before they knew what they were doing.
So that begs the question: How DO you get to know what you're doing?
That's why I decided to create Options Trading Coach, a unique beginners-level options service that teaches you everything you need to know to become an options trading pro...
Beginning a profits joyride of your own — just like the one I showed you above.
Options Trading Coach isn't just a teaching tool, either. If you decide to let me turn you into experienced options trader, you'll also be receiving real, live options trades every month for you to cut your teeth on...
And potentially bank some serious double- to triple-digit gains in the process.
In fact, I'm going to give you your very first trade, that "starter play" that could deliver 50% in just 8 weeks, right here today in this letter — FREE of charge.
PLUS... when you try Options Trading Coach you risk nothing at all — for a full 6 months.
I'll get into all of the specifics of everything I just told you in a moment, but first let me say this is a GREAT moment to start your options trading career.
BusinessWeek has said that "options trading is suddenly catching fire," and they couldn't be more right.
Every year, options trading gets bigger and bigger. In 2008, 3.6 billion options contracts were traded — a full 25% more than 2007, another record year.
And why is this? Three reasons:
1.    Options trades deliver far bigger gains than regular buy-and-sell stock trades.
2.    Your purchase cost is far less than buying a stock; bigger gains for less money: win/win!
3.    You can profit from options in ANY market.
Now, with those three reasons in mind, can you think of a single reason why you wouldn't start trading options?

Well, I can think of one: you simply don't know how. 

So let's make today the LAST day you can say that.

Now I'd imagine your head might be swimming a little... Especially if you've never considered trading options before. 

That's only natural. In fact, it's great. It means you're already on your way to learning how to use options to blast your portfolio into the profits stratosphere. 

So with that being said...

You've Got Questions I'm Sure...

... and what kind of coach would I be if I didn't answer them?

Below are some of the most common questions I get from rookies to the options game. And this is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

But with my help every step of the way, you really don't need to know much more than these basic fundamentals to become an options superstar...

Q: What are options?

A: Might as well start at the beginning right?

An option is a contract that gives you the right — but not the obligation — to buy or sell a stock at a specific price on or before an expiration date. It's that easy.

If you think that best stock for 2010 is going to go up, you'd purchase a "call option," which gives you the right to buy shares at a later date for today's lower price... 

If you think that stock is going to go down, you'd purchase a "put option," which gives you the right to sell shares at a later date at today's higher price...

Either way, you keep the difference in the shares' value. It's easy money and a fraction of the outlay of actual shares for just as much in potential profits. 

You can't do that with regular old buy and sell stock trading. It's also why options can make you money in ANY market!

Which leads us to our next question...

Q: How can options make me more money than regular top stocks to buy?

A: This is what makes it so crucial for you to get started with options if you want to be a successful investor.

The short answer is that options give you leverage.

Say you buy 100 shares of a $20 stock and the stock goes to $30. You've made 50%. A nice gain sure, but...

Let's say you bought an options contract on that $20 stock at around $3 a contract (which is good for 100 shares)... That $10 advancement could triple your investment in one contract. That's the leverage you want in today's market.

Here's a great example: Recently I made a trade on home foreclosures. The underlying stock for the company I bought the option on is only up maybe 5%...

... but the option is up 40%! 

And with the worst of foreclosures still ahead of us, that means more buyers of this stock. 

That means more options contracts for the right to buy more shares — which gives me an even better shot of continuing to make as much as 8 TIMES the profits of investors who simply bought shares. 

Of course, any time you're putting your hard-earned money on the line, you want know how safe it is. And that begs the question...

Q: Are options risky?

A: There's risk in any investment you make. Without risk, however, there's no gain.

Warren Buffett, the world's most famous and successful investor understands that... and he often uses options to reduce risk in top stocks and profit from stock fluctuations at a reduced cost. He knows the power options can have when you make a sound decision based on sound analysis.

Just like I offer you as your Options Trading Coach.

But here's the long and short of it...

The biggest risk in options trading that doesn't exist with top stocks for 2011 is the limited lifetime. Options expire. 

This means that your forecast for a stock movement has to happen within the time frame that you choose. This can range from one day to three years with LEAPS — as your coach, I'll explain this all to you in complete detail in just a minute.

So yes, options do present some risk; they shouldn't be approached with any more money than you can afford to lose. I often tell people not to risk the house. You aren't buying a company as a long-term investment. You're betting that a certain event will happen in the market within a specified time frame...

But remember, this is a calculated bet — not a shot in the dark. And as my track record can attest to, we'll win those bets FAR more than we lose them.

Q: In what kind of market do options perform best?

A: The beauty of trading options is that they can be used in any market.

In a down market, you can go on a "put option" shopping spree, making tons of money off the boatload of companies that are losing their shirts.

In a rip-roaring bull market, you'd switch up your strategy and start buying "call options" and watch your bottom line soar along with those top stocks for 2010.

Either way the market is moving, you can hedge your bets. So it wouldn't matter which way a stock or index was headed... You could profit regardless.

That's what makes options such a popular investment with savvy traders. 

Better yet, options can be bought or sold at the fraction of the cost of an actual company's shares in ANY market.

Bottom line: options allow you to control and profit from the underlying stock in any market — without actually owning shares.

Sounding good so far? Well I'm sure you've got more questions...

Q: Are options hard to follow?

A: This is an easy one. Not at all. Options are as easy to follow as stocks.

Especially because with Options Trading Coach, we'll track your trades for you in our online portfolio.

Plus, I'll be in touch with you regularly to tell you exactly when I believe you should buy and sell your contracts. There's no sitting around biting your nails, watching CNBC or Bloomberg tickers like a hawk, trying to decide what to do.

You'll have me and my years of experience giving you precise instructions and education on the steps you need to take — not only to become a successful options trader in the future, but also make money off them RIGHT NOW.

But maybe you're skeptical about needing my guidance and you're wondering...

Q: Why do I need a coach to trade options? Can't I just start on my own?

A: Ask yourself this question first...

If you'd never played a hand of poker in your life, would you walk into a casino and throw down $5k on the table for a game — without knowing the rules, odds, or even what the cards themselves mean?

Of course not, because you're not stupid. 

And you're not an Arab sheik, dot-com billionaire, or playing third base for the New York Yankees... more than likely, you can't afford to risk money on things you have no clue about.

Just as you would never ante up to a poker game you have no idea how to play, why would you try to teach yourself the ins and outs of an investment, while at the same time your money is at stake?

That's what Options Trading Coach is here for. 

I'm not offering you some slapped-together DVD or 300-page manual that leaves you to figure out the Greek for yourself.

With Options Trading Coach, we'll hold your hand and walk you through what an option is, how it works, and how you can profit from it. 

And the best part is you earn while you learn! 

I'll issue you 1-2 real, potential triple-digit winning options plays each month. And as I mentioned earlier, you'll be instructed EXACTLY when to buy and sell these contracts.

Nothing is left to chance. So long as you're with us, we're with you.  

If you want to make serious money as an investor, you must know options — and disregard the all-too-common belief that options trading is difficult, risky, speculative, and a complicated way to trade stocks.

It's simply no longer the case.

These days, options trading is quickly becoming the preferred way among savvy investors to make serious gains while limiting risk.

But you can't do it without understanding the ins and outs. If you don't know what you're doing, you WILL get burned — this I guarantee you.

Sure, there's no shortage of options educational services out there...

But every one of them I've seen is part of some sort of "package deal" that costs hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

These packages include DVDs and printed fluff pieces that fail to deliver any gains — except to those who sell them...

Sure, you'll get the background information on options, trade terminology, and a few basic strategies to build your options IQ... but that's about it.

You'll probably receive a PDF of an options trading course that'll conclude with a further offer: "If you join us right now for just $995, we'll walk you through similar trades!"

So you just paid hundreds of dollars — but for what? 

The chance to pay even more money to actually put your education to use? 

That's not a resource. It's a scam. Plain and simple.

You're left wondering what to do next... and how to start making gains on your own.

And that's exactly why Options Trading Coach blows away these other options "education" products.

Every week, we'll alert you to new options trade set-ups and new ideas and strategies...

These are some of the same strategies and insights I recommend in my more advanced Options Trading Pit portfolio — which has returned 9,101% cumulative returns since January 2007.

In fact, I developed Options Trading Coach after many of my readers insisted on such a service.

We've even set up a message board — checked daily by yours truly — where you can dialogue with us directly.

But look, maybe you're still not convinced.

Maybe you're the kind of person who needs to see actual results in front of their eyes...

That's why right here in this letter today, I'm going to give you your first Options Trading Coach trade recommendation...

At no cost to you and with absolutely no strings attached.

The First Mile of Your Options Joyride

Now here's the point in most letters where you'd get the rug pulled out from under you.

The "guru" who's spent the last 10 minutes telling you how they're going to teach you how to get rich and promising to deliver the name of an ABSOLUTELY FREE pick...

All of a sudden asks you to hand over a few hundred bucks before he'll give it to you.

Well that's not the way Options Trading Coach operates. 

Here is all the information you need to know to go ahead and purchase your first options contract:

If you're game, consider buying the Lexmark April 2010 30 put option (LXK100417P00030000) at or near 90 cents. We're looking to book at least a 50% gain on this position. 

A word of warning: I believe this pick could return as much as 50% over the next 8 weeks. However, remember what I told you just a moment ago. Would you go and throw your money into a game you had no idea how to play?

You're more than free to take on this opportunity on your own. In fact it's a great opportunity. 

Of course the only way you'll know how to pinpoint the PRECISE moment when to sell this contract and cash out that maximum gain...

The only way you won't be sweating bullets trying to follow the ticker each day...

The only way you can erase ALL the guesswork, confusion, and just plain fear you may have about purchasing the recommendation above...

Is to allow me to be your options coach. 

Once you're a member of Options Trading Coach, I'll keep you updated on this Lexmark play — and all your plays following this one — constantly. 

I won't leave you to the wolves to figure out what to do on your own, like a lot of other options services do. 

So the choice is yours: Go it on your own... or let me do the heavy lifting for you.

And if you decide to do that, then here's the part I think you'll like best of all... 

It's hardly going to cost you a thing.

The Cheapest (and Most Profitable) Education Out There...
First things first, as I mentioned before, when you sign on with Options Trading Coach, you'll have 6 FULL MONTHS to try the service at no risk whatsoever.
If after that 6 months you haven't made any money, still can't understand options, or just decide that it's not for you...
Then I'll refund every penny.
And you get to keep everything I've sent you and everything you've made off of it.
I'm essentially offering you a guarantee that you'll become 100% competent at options trading. If you don't, then you lose nothing on the deal. 
Also, when you become a member of Options Trading Coach, in addition to teaching you the best options strategies being used today, I'll give you a new trade example every month that could easily lead to solid double- to triple-digit gains...
But that's not all you'll get.
As soon as you agree to try out Options Trading Coach, I'll send you access to my 9 easy-to-follow reports, which I'll tell you about in just a moment.
I suggest reading one per day. Each report takes roughly 15-20 minutes to read through — the same amount of time it takes you to wait in line for a morning to-go coffee.
Then, start following my weekly e-Letter reports so you can trade right alongside me.
I also personally maintain an online forum — available only to Options Trading Coach subscribers — to address all reader questions and concerns.
So by now, you're asking yourself, "How much will this set me back?"
Services like the one I'm offering you today usually cost anywhere between $500-$1,000 a year... and that's WITHOUT the regular recommendations — let alone the "starter play" I've given you today, completely free of charge...
Up until today Options Trading Coach has sold for only $195 a year.
Notice I said, "Up until today... "
My publishers and I have recently decided to really push the envelope to get as many "pupils" into my education service as possible... because we're so confident that once you've started working with us, you'll be hooked for life. 
So in order to fill those spots as quickly as possible and get started on making some real options profits, I've decided to lower the annual price for Options Trading Coach to just $99.
That's it. No catches, no loopholes.
So here's the full tally of what you'll receive for $99:
•    Report # 1: Options 101: The Nuts and Bolts of Trading Options in Today's Markets
•    Report # 2: Selling Covered Call Options: Pocket A "Stealth Dividend" On Stocks You Own
•    Report # 3: Buying Call Options: How to Use the Power of Leverage to Control Shares for Less
•    Report # 4: Buying Put Options: A Better Way to Play the Downside
•    Report # 5: How to Invest in LEAPS Options: Long-Term Security and Ultra-Control
•    Report # 6: Options Glossary: A Handy Reference Guide to Every Option Term You'll Ever Need
•    Report # 7: Master the Straddle Strategy: How to Straddle Both Sides of the Fence Under Any Market Conditions
•    Report # 8: How to Control the Upside and Downside and "Strangle" Profits from Your Stocks
•    Report # 9: The Dynamic "2-In-1" Strategy: It Lowers Your Cost, Hedges Your Risk, and Boosts Your Win Potential
Plus — each week, I'll send you my latest report in which I detail new actionable ideas, strategies, and trades you can make work for you, right away.
In addition, you'll get full access to our members-only website, where you can "beta trade" my recommendations, catch up on our latest (and archived) reports, and dig into our members forum...
... All for less than what you might spend on dinner and a movie for you and a date.

And don't forget: ALL of this is covered by my full Options Trading Coach 6-month money-back guarantee. 

So you risk nothing at all by giving me a chance to make you a confident, successful options trader.

Why not give it a try? 

You've already got a potential 50% winner sitting right under your nose... 

Pick up a few contracts and then follow my coverage of it right up until the precise moment when we cash out for maximum gains. 

Options traders aren't made overnight... But you can start trading them for big profits a lot sooner than you think — with the right guidance.

Stop LOSING money and wasting your portfolio's potential by buying stocks, simply because you don't know a better way...

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