Saturday, February 18, 2012

Injunction against Life Technologies Upheld By Court

Celsis In Vitro Inc today revealed that the Court of Appeals of the United States acting in behalf of the Federal Circuit in Washington DC has upheld a preliminary injunction against Life Technologies Corporation (LIFE) on its violation of a US Patent. Life Technologies is the mother company of co-defendants Invitrogen Corporation and CellzDirect LLC, and the patent from Liverpool deals with methods pertaining to the production of multi-cryopreserved hepatocytes.
Chief Judge Randall Rader, in a precedential opinion, said that the Federal Court found no reversible error in the preliminary injunction penned by Judge Milton Shadur, who presided the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago. The court concluded that Celsis IVT has sufficiently met each of the four factors in determining the preliminary injunction.
The Federal Circuit agreed that Celsis IVT has manifested a responsible level of success of infringement by LTC in its confidential standard process and that the former has successfully thumbed down LTC��s challenge on invalidity with obvious intention. The court also confirmed that Celsis IVT would suffer irreparable damage in the absence of a preliminary injunction.
According to Jay LeCoque, Celsis International CEO, management is pleased with the decision of the Federal Court in its reaffirmation of the company��s Liverpool patent rights and privileges.
LIFE has been a part of NASDAQ since late 2008, rising from the initial $26.10 to the all-time high of $55.71, recorded in May 2011.? Next, the stock dropped to $35.84, but it seems to be back on track, gaining more than since the beginning of 212.

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