Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hot Stocks To Invest In 2013 - IvyBot Was Born To Make Huge Profits

IvyBot is the one of the automated Forex robots which has entered the Forex trading market recently. In today’s world, Forex traders definitely need an efficient tool to help them weather the turbulence of the trading world. Ivybot is invented by a group of Ivy League guys, since college they started trading the currency pairs, they have put in their knowledge of financial understanding, mathematics and computer programming to bring out this product. Ivybot is basically the electronic condensation of many-year manual trading experience for the benefit of the general public. They have been using the Ivybot personally and gain profits. Here are a few items enlisting the special features of the trading software.
1. Hot Stocks To Invest In 2013 - Ivybot is made up of 4 separate robots, each robot is specially designed for managing different currency trading pair available in the market. Other systems just have one set of code to do all the calculations of whatever pairs they can handle, but Ivybot has each robot tailored to trade in each currency pair, resulting in four codes. The robot is being updated every now and so with respect to the recent changes present in the Forex market. The web price listed nowadays is about $149.95 which is one-time payment. This automated Forex robot says it can create more than 500 percent of the original deposit in about 190 days in year 2009.
IvyBot works 24/7 always and keep tracking the price movement and market conditions, compared with human monitoring, they are not panicked, affected by greed or read inconsistently. Ivybot has proved its efficiency by having real market as well as backtest results in the field of trading. Not only giving customers unlimited updates, the Forex trading software has also been backtested, optimized, and forward tested, hence it attracts lots of customers to get it and study the market.
Additionally, Ivybot Forex can predict the result of certain trades in the market based on the history of those trades. I! t adhere s to an algorithm that combines variables like forward projection scanning, volatility, technical price patterns, market liquidity, trend analysis, and weighted price action. In this department, Ivybot Forex scored 98 percent. Moreover, Ivybot Forex prides itself in its simplicity. Even beginners can easily absorb the subject in less time as the user manual and video tutorials are included in the package. It’ll cost you $149.95 but it’s money invested wisely as the chances of you trading profitably is high. Also, a free demo version is available.
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