Saturday, April 14, 2012

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Investigating the people behind those sketchy flat-stomach ads.
By Chadwick Matlin for The Big Money
The Internet wants me to have a flat stomach�and it wants me to have it for free. Over the last few months, those flat stomach ads have followed me around the Internet like a beggar asking for money. On many of my favorite Web sites (including the ones I work for), high-class Internet advertising has been replaced by these low-budget pictures promising a better physical and superficial life.
The ads plead: Wouldn�t I like to click and read a flat-stomach testimonial? And from there, wouldn�t I like to click to see a product that could help me get that flat stomach without even trying? And from there, wouldn�t I like to order that product for free? And wouldn�t I like to give them my credit card info? And wouldn�t I like to investigate a mysterious charge on my credit card bill 30 days after I subscribe to my free product? And wouldn�t I like to hold for two hours while I try to cancel my account after I realize I�ve been had?
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